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Jeep Wrangler 75th Salute: This Would be a Modern Willys

The Jeep Wrangler 75th Salute is the spectacular prototype that the American manufacturer has created to commemorate the 75 years that have passed since the Willis MB was chosen to motorize the United States Army on July 15, 1941. A tribute, yes, but they have also done it to demonstrate the similarities between the legendary Willys-Overland Motor Company vehicle and its spiritual successor.

If recently, days after presenting seven spectacular prototypes at the Easter Jeep Safari 2016, the brand celebrated its 75th anniversary with a series of special editions of all its models, now Jeep is once again commemorating an important event: the 75 years that have passed since on July 15, 1941 the Willis MB of the Willys-Overland Motor Company was chosen to motorize the United States Army. And that is why they have created this Jeep Wrangler 75th Salute, a unique prototype that for now will not lead to any production model.

Although it is a concept car, the new Wrangler 75th Salute has been built in the same plant in Toledo, Ohio, where other Jeep vehicles are assembled. The led lights for Jeep Wrangler are very important for daily use. It is based on a Jeep Wrangler with Sport finish, the most basic of the range, although under its hood we do not find the 200 hp 2.8 CRD diesel block, the most demanded in Europe. In its place is the other engine with which it is offered (the only one available in the United States): a 3.6 Pentastar V6 gasoline engine capable of delivering 284 hp and 347 Nm of torque. This engine is linked, in this case, to a six-speed manual gearbox.

The list of modifications that this Jeep Wrangler inspired by the Willys MB presents is practically endless, but the basic technique that they have followed is to eliminate everything that is not strictly necessary. Thus, they dispense with doors, roof or even the safety cage that protects passengers in conventional Jeep Wranglers to give it a classic and military touch. In addition, the bulky front bumper has been replaced by a much simpler metal one.

This bumper, like the rear one, incorporates two rings with which to pull (or be towed) heavy objects. The changes continue, as you can see in the image gallery, with 16-inch diameter sheet metal wheels on which tires with a design identical to those of the original Willys MB have been installed. To all of the above we must add the mirrors, which are also specific to this Jeep Wrangler 75th Salute, and the seats, which are basically the same as those that come standard with any Wrangler except that they have been reupholstered and do not have headrests.