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The Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Extremely Test

The cult Jeep Wrangler extends to accommodate 5 people, without sacrificing anything to its quirky spirit and its extraordinary capabilities.

In 65 years, the descendant of the famous Willys has hardly evolved. But today, this charismatic reference begins the biggest shift in his career. The American adopts for the first time a diesel, and is coupled with a more habitable 4-door version. For this, the wheelbase has been extended by 52 cm, now reaching nearly 3 meters (2.95 m)! Called Unlimited, this Wrangler can also boast of being the only 4-door convertible on the market. Indeed its modular roof is divided into 3 independent removable parts, replaced by a hood in case of bad weather.

On board, the “pure and hard” atmosphere prevails, we are far from high-end references. But the dashboard does not suffer from any major finishing gaps and the equipment is sufficiently complete. As for him, the large angled gear lever and its counterpart of the short box sound frankly rustic! The rear seats are spacious, as is the trunk, which climbs from 141 liters on the classic Wrangler, to almost 500 litres!

Taking on the mountain roads, this Jeep turns out to be less exotic than expected. Of course the high driving position, the wide steering wheel with 4 fine spokes and the disarming travel of the gear lever ensure folklore. But healthy behavior and maintaining an honorable body build confidence. Nothing to do with the poor agility of a Land Rover Defender! The 2.8 turbo diesel common rail borrowed from the Cherokee offers convincing performance, thanks to its 177 hp and above all its 400 Nm of torque. It is mated to a 6-speed manual or 5-speed automatic gearbox. With our Jeep Wrangler aftermarket headlights, your Jeep vehicle will be more beautiful. But in crossing, it is the transfer box that works, brilliantly. Almost everything is within reach of this Wrangler, even if the large wheelbase has reduced its capabilities. Conversely, the very short front and rear overhangs facilitate changes.

This new configuration brings a great bowl of versatility to the Wrangler, which now has its place in families. Its starting price in the 2.8 CRD version: 28,900 euros, or 2,500 euros more than the 2-door version.